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About me

I am a mixed-media artist inspired by the intersection of fiber art, ceramics, and photography. My BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art + Design (MCAD) provided me with a solid foundation of design theory and art appreciation; my ongoing love for art keeps me endlessly curious about new mediums and new ways to express my vision.

After graduating from art school in the mid-’90s, I spent 20 years as a pioneer in the interactive communications industry — designing the very first websites for companies like Northwest Airlines (now Delta), Marvin Windows, and Ecolab. I worked for the leading design firms in the Twin Cities, and then launched my own interactive consulting business in June of 2000. My partner and I grew the business to over 14 people at its largest, serving many Fortune 500 companies. But, I never lost the desire to get back to fine art.

In 2013, I felt called to return to my creative roots. Ever since then, I have split my time between creating documentary-style videos for the web, writing, and creating fine art that uses traditional materials in unexpected ways. My mixed-media work combines weaving, photography, ceramics, and hand-spun art yarn.

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5261 Edina Industrial Blvd.
Edina, MN 55439

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