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Prague Series #1


In August 2017, I visited Prague for the first time. I found inspiration in everything from the historic castles and monasteries, to the modern art museums, to the bike racks and light posts. This piece is the first of the series, specifically inspired by a spiral-shaped bike rack. This large-ish piece is about 9″ in diameter, with a ceramic oval base glazed in shino. I wove the base with leather and hand-spun art yarn, first in sections then joined at the top, with leather strips wound into spirals to finish.

Additional information


This piece is currently on display at Artbarn52 in Edina, MN.


9" w x 8" d x 8" h


clay, hand-spun wool, leather


Shipping to any US address available for a flat rate of $20 (allow 3-5 days), or pick up in person at Artbarn52 in Edina, MN