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Prague Series #2


When I visited Prague in August 2017, I was inspired by so many things. Our tour guide told us, “You can tell the age of a building by the patterns that were used.” I took many photos of these patterns, and this piece is directly inspired by the diamond patterns that were prevalent throughout the city. I built the square ceramic vase with the black and cream pattern of my inspiration, then knocked out three triangular windows before firing. I applied the buttercream and black glazes with a rough, imperfect method in reference to the age of the buildings in Prague. Then I wove wool and ribbon through the windows to create visual interest.

Additional information


This piece is currently on display at Artbarn52 in Edina, MN.


6" w x 4" d x 8" h


clay, hand-spun wool, leather, cotton


Shipping to any US address available for a flat rate of $20 (allow 3-5 days), or pick up in person at Artbarn52 in Edina, MN