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teal round


This piece began with a round flat ceramic plate, about 9″ in diameter. I secured pale teal leather strips to the plate, through holes I made in the plate before firing, to create the warp structure for the piece. The leather strips were then woven with a variety of hand-spun wool and cotton yarns, leaving peek-a-boo holes to create dimension in the design. When the weaving was complete, the excess leather strips were braided into buttress-like structures expanding out from the 3D-woven form.

Additional information


This piece is currently on display at Artbarn52 in Edina, MN.


10" diameter x 7" h


clay, hand-spun wool, cotton, leather


Shipping to any US address available for a flat rate of $20 (allow 3-5 days), or pick up in person at Artbarn52 in Edina, MN